Tax Return Preparation Procedures

To provide you the highest level of service, efficiency, information protection and make the process as convenient for you as possible, please follow the following procedures;


The best and most secure way for you to provide your tax information to me is through ShareFile.  To get your ShareFile set up, you will only need to send me an email.  Once your ShareFile is set up, you can use that file to submit any documents to me.  Your tax return will be uploaded to your ShareFile once completed for your review and year-round access.  You may also use the following link to provide documents to me securely.

CLICK HERE to upload documents to me securely.

Drop Off

You can drop off your tax information for it to be completed, and then you will be able to set up an appointment 7 days later in order to review and sign the tax return.  Paper copies of your return will no longer be provided.  A copy of your tax return will be provided to you through a secured email.

Scheduling your appointment to drop off and pick up your tax information should be done by clicking on the following link: Schedule Appointment.  If you schedule an appointment and do not show, an additional $75 will be added to your invoice.

Please DO NOT try to schedule an appointment via text, email, or Facebook.

I have a dropbox on my office door during business hours, and there is also a drop box located outside near the main entrance to the office complex that can be used 24 hours a day.  Both drop boxes are locked and secured in order to protect your information.  Be sure your phone number is provided with your information.  If you use the dropbox located outside, please call/text me to let me know when you have dropped off your information.


For your security, please do not send tax documents via email.  Please use the ShareFile option above.

If you absolutely must be present with me while I prepare your tax return, an additional $250 will be added to your invoice.


Please have your tax documents dropped off to me before April 1 to meet the April 15 filing deadline.  Tax information received after April 1, will be subject to an extension being filed.

For businesses, (partnerships, S Corporations, and C Corporations),  your documents must be dropped off by March 1, for the March 15 filing deadline.


An extension provides you additional time to file your tax return but does not give you additional time to pay any tax due.  If your tax return is filed after April 15th with an amount due, you will be charged with penalties and interest.

The extension deadline is October 15th for personal tax returns and September 15th for business tax returns.

If you require an extension, you must contact me by phone for your extension to be filed.

Audit Protection

Please click on this link to review the details of Audit Protection.

Copy of Your Tax Return

Paper copies of your return will no longer be provided.  A copy of your tax return will be provided to you through ShareFile.